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About wapTV: Nigeria's family entertainment channel wapTV launched on the 1st October 2012. wapTv is set to revolutionize the viewing habits of the Nigerian family. It promises to be a fully entertaining...

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my work my pride

Showtime: 19:00 HRS

Foodies and Spice

Akpan and Oduma

Showtime: 10:00HRS

This sitcom details their everyday lives and the various situation they get into due to the culture-shock, their schemes, their naivete as well as the occasional bad luck.


Showtime: 10:00 HRS

OmoNla is a vox pop segment on wapTV anchored by one of our colorful and exciting presenters by the name of OmoNla. In an attempt to know the average Nigerianís opinion on a wide range of topics, he patrols the streets and asks respondents these questions in his uniquely entertaining manner.

Akpan and Oduma

Showtime: 10:00

This is a sitcom about two Friends who have traveled from their village to Lagos in search of wealth.


Showtime: 07:00HRS

Guess who is on the Morning Show today? Stay tuned to wapTV, Channel 116 on Star-Times to start your day with fun and relaxation.


Showtime: 06:00HRS

Versatile and talented Jide Alabi graces the KOOKOOROOKOO show, seated with the hosts KOOKOO and ROOKOO. Jide Alabi tells of his beginnings as an actor, the love of sports broadcasting. Jide surpasses all expectations on the morning show.

Wednesday 25th of April, 2018

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